Call for Papers


This workshop establishes a new global research network to draw together interdisciplinary scholars of vaccination policy and regulation who are focusing on vaccine mandates as an instrument to enhance vaccination coverage. 

While bioethicists have extensively considered the question of mandatory vaccination, including through organised events, there has not yet been a specific opportunity for empirical scholars to meet and engage on the issue, share their work and ideas, and build collaborations. 

Accordingly, we are proposing a workshop to the 16th World Congress on Public Health in Rome, 12-17 October 2020, with spaces for up to five papers from interested participants. Selected participants will need to commit to funding their accommodation, registration and travel to the conference, and complete their conference registration no later than June 2020, in the event of the workshop being accepted by the conference organisers. The conference has funding assistance for low income scholars and people from low income countries, but you will not be able to apply before our workshop deadline. However, we may be able to provide financial assistance in special circumstances. 

If you are unable to participate in the workshop but still interested in the research network and its future activities (such as journal special issues or future events) please get in touch and introduce yourself!


 As governments worldwide move towards making vaccination mandatory, this workshop considers empirical research from a range of disciplines to explore:

  • Early evidence on efficacy, including amongst specific populations.
  • Early evidence on harms / unintended consequences, including amongst specific populations.
  • Influence on attitudes / vaccine confidence in target and neighboring jurisdictions
  • Policy assemblages / mobilities  
  • Comparative work between jurisdictions
  • Drivers / causal factors
  • Instrument selection and design

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies are welcome. We anticipate our participants coming from social science, political science, public policy, law / legal studies, public health / epidemiology, medical / policy sociology, social psychology and beyond.

Directly following the workshop, we will convene a private meeting for the team to discuss plans, aims and goals arising. 

If you would like to be considered for the workshop submission, please send a structured abstract to with “Mandates Workshop” in the subject line. Please follow the conference’s abstract structure laid out here

The deadline for submission to us is 20 February 2020, but abstracts of high quality may be selected earlier, so prompt applications are encouraged.

Dr Katie Attwell and Dr Marco Rizzi, University of Western Australia, and Dr Katharina T. Paul, University of Vienna.