I am a senior research fellow at the University of Vienna (Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science). I obtained my PhD in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Amsterdam in 2009 and joined Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2010 as Assistant Professor of comparative health policy.

In March 2013, I returned to Austria and joined the University of Vienna (Department of Political Science/Life Science Governance Group) with a Lise Meitner grant awarded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). I have since continued my work on vaccination policy with a Top Citizen Science grant (FWF TCS14) and a Elise Richter Fellowship (AV 561) at the same Department. I also lead a Work Package on Health in a H2020 project (InsSciDE).

I teach graduate courses on health policy and qualitative methods and continue to work with wonderful colleagues in the Netherlands (and elsewhere!). I am an editorial board member of the Journal of Health Economics Policy and Law and a book reviews editor at Critical Policy Studies


I am affiliated with the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Solidarity (CeSCoS) at the Department of Political Science. I also work with and supervise two very talented junior researchers, Anna Pichelstorfer and Katharina Riesinger.  Anna has a background in STS and is finishing her dissertation (supervised by Ulrike Felt) while working on an EU project with me. Katharina has an undergraduate background in philosophy and psychology and has now found her true calling in studying vaccination practices from an interdisciplinary perspective in her MA thesis in political science.

From left to right: Anna Pichelstorfer, Katharina T. Paul, Katharina Riesinger
University of Vienna
Department of Political Science
Neues Institutsgebäude, Room D-215
Universitätsstrasse 7
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Phone: +431 4277 49438

email: katharina.t.paul (at) univie.ac.at